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* This projection is based on the investment strategy of the fund selected below. These amounts are not guaranteed.

Regular payments of less than R350 per month will be invested into the fund below. If you invest more than R350 per month, you can choose from a selection of funds.

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  • No advice fees apply when you invest online.
  • An investment charge of will be deducted from each regular payment. This investment charge will be removed if your regular payment is increased to more than R per month.
  • Asset management fees of a year will be deducted from your returns.
  • Administration charges of a year will be deducted from your fund value.
  • The administration charge will be a minimum of per month, unless a regular payment is set up.
  • If you invest at least per tax year across any Old Mutual Invest Plans, or if you have a total fund value of at least R1 000 000 across any Old Mutual Invest Plans at the end of the tax year, we will refund up to half your administration charges for that tax year.


For simplicity, this projection is based on regular payments into one fund only. When investing, you can however allocate your payments into multiple funds, and also make lump sum payments to your plan.

The Old Mutual Invest Tax Free Plan adapts to your needs
  • You can invest for as long as you want.
  • You can invest a maximum of R36 000 for the current tax year and R500 000 in your lifetime. Even though there are limits as to how much you can invest, there are no limits on the growth of your investment.
  • You can increase, decrease, stop or restart your payments at any time.
The advantages of a long-term insurance policy

Your Old Mutual Invest Tax Free Plan is a long-term insurance policy that is governed by long-term insurance tax legislation. This means:

  • You can add beneficiaries to your plan, saving on executor fees.
  • Your savings have some protection in case of your insolvency.

What happens if you pay more than
R36 000 in the tax year?

  • By law we can only accept contributions up to the limits set out for tax free investments.
  • If you exceed the yearly limit (because you may have other tax free savings with other service providers), you will owe SARS a tax of 40% on the excess contributions.